Website Design

You know your company needs an up-to-date, polished, professional website. After all, your business site is likely to be your potential client’s or customer’s introduction to your products and services and you need to both impress and entice them. You don’t want a website that is difficult to navigate, lacking key information, or is visually a turn-off, else you’ll risk losing those all-important visitors.

An Effective Website Design

But what goes into designing an effective website? The site designers here at BlueClaw know how to craft, engaging websites that present your company’s services and / or products in the most effective manner. Working closely with you, as well as the graphics department and the website content experts, our website designers will first create a mock-up of your new site, looking at:

The different pages to be included
The overall website navigation strategy
The placement and type of graphical elements
The website content that will effectively sell your products or services.

Once you have viewed the mock-up and signed-off on the design, we will go to work, creating a clean code that will be easy for the search engine indexing robots – essential for getting visitors and potential clients to your site – to navigate and index. Equally as important, of course, is that the site is user-friendly, designed for intuitive navigation, and presents useful information in an easily recognized manner.

Our Website Design Experts

A website full of bells and whistles may be appealing, but it also might not be the best approach for presenting your company and your brand; instead, let the website design experts here at BlueClaw create some designs, for your review, that are professional, smooth, and engaging. We know that each business has a different message to convey, and so we create custom designs for our website design clients, incorporating your logo, your message, your professionalism in a manner that makes the site visitor want to read more, learn more, and reach out to you.

Do not trust just any website design company to create your website: quite simply, your website is too essential to your advertising to be trust with just anybody. Instead, choose the website design professionals at BlueClaw to craft a site that reflects well upon your company, that draws in the site visitor and potential client, and that offers the greatest return on your investment.

For more information, answers to all of your questions about the website design process, or a free, no-obligation quote on BlueClaw website design services, please contact us, today; one of our website designers will walk you through the process and provide all of the information you need to make an educated decision about your company’s website.