“BlueClaw was referred to me by a personal friend and business associate. I had shopped around and I was underwhelmed by the service and prices at other SEO firms. Before contacting with BlueClaw I checked the firm’s references and they came back as solid. Based on the advice of my friend, I entered a contract with BlueClaw in June, 2010. At the time I was not fully sure what to expect. I have been very pleased with the results BlueClaw obtained for my website. The promised results materialized ahead of schedule. I am also more than satisfied with the attention/service I receive when I contact BlueClaw with a question or comment. The price was below what the other firms were charging as well. I feel very positive about my relationship with BlueClaw and the results speak for themselves. I recommend BlueClaw to my friends (in different businesses) when they show me websites they have put up. I actively and knowingly keep quiet about BlueClaw when I find myself talking SEO with my local competition. I think of BlueClaw as somewhat of a secret weapon.”
Luke Newman, PA

Blue Claw is awesome! Your calendar has taken the hassle out of booking charters. I get booked while on vacation, when I’m asleep and more importantly when I’m out fishing. The ease of use to the customer is spectacular. They go to my website, they find the date they want to fish and simply book online. I don’t know what could be better than that! The Website you created for me along with your search rankings tools has mademy bookings explode. You have put my website on the map where I am found on the first page of most searches and once the client gets to my site they find an extremely professional, informative site that is easy for them to use. Your software has done everything you said it would do and more. You have moved Seward Adventure Charters to the top of the list and I really appreciate it. I can better focus my attention on fishing and my boat now that the bookings are coming automatically! Once again, I can’t thank you enough. Keep up the good work!
Capt. James Stegall

WOW is really the best way to describe this service, or more to the point, solution. We fish more than 350 half day trips a year, all offshore, and in the wind. Taking a booking on the phone while backing down on a sailfish is what I have to do all the time. Not paying attention to the customer on the boat, or not effectively booking the customer on the phone, 20kt wind and 6 foot seas making this procedure hard at best …. No longer a problem! Customers can see when we are available, prices, and options without a lengthy conversation, or some times no conversation at all. Some customers will book on line and just show up the day of the trip. IT’S LIKE CHEATING ! Thank you Blue Claw Solutions and especially Kevin. Always available, and hugely helpful. Great product and amazing service.
Capt. Jay Cohen

“In 2005 I decided that my business needed to expand and so I contacted Blueclaw to help me get my business online. I had no idea how many different companies there were to assist people like me in my business when I first started to look and was a bit overwhelmed at all of the work that was needed to increase my business..ie website, hosting, marketing and reservation software. Blueclaw not only was able to explain all of this in a way that I could understand he worked hard and continues to work hard to make my business the best it can possibly be. They made what was a confusing process easy and it has been the best investment i have made for my business. I have and will continue to recommend BlueClaw to all of my friends.”
Zane Albury

“My name is Daniel LaDow and I am a USCG Licensed guide on Clarks Hill/Thurmond Lake GA/SC.I first got the limited addition of BlueClaw but after a week went to the full version and the next day got a booking for $600 and I did nothing. I am very excited about being able to take a call and just tell the person to check my calendar and book trip NOW. As well, to have bookings happen on line while I am on the water is better than good it keeps the client with me instead of calling another guide because I was unavailable.I am just as excited to have all my information bookings, email, phone numbers, address and trip cost and payments in one place. I will soon be able to click one button and email all my clients that want me to contact them “when the fishing is hot”. I do not easily endorse anything but BlueClaw is a fishing guides; secretary, accountant and a definite moneymaker for my business.”
Daniel LaDow

“I asked and they delivered with exceptional service, commitment, and price. I was overwhelmed with all this technology and unsure how it could help my business grow. BlueClaw spent the time to show me how it all works for me. Since my online presence with BlueClaw I have experience unprecedented growth and name recognition. They continue to support my business with cutting edge technology and top of the line customer service. Thanks BlueClaw.”
Michael Compo, ESQ

“I have been using Your RMS now for a few days and I want to say it is everything you advertised and more… I LOVE IT. This system really rocks (and let me tell you I am a hard customer to please, coming from a long family line of perfectionists). It is so nice not to have to juggle a booking book anymore. Thanks again for making my day so much easier.”
Capt. Dan Hood

After many years of loosing business because I was not there to answer the phone every time a client called, I found BlueClaw! This service has increased my bookings by 30% since I signed on.I do not know what I did with out it all these years. I would go out for the day fishing knowing that when I got back to the office I would have many missed calls with only a couple messages as clients want to ask questions and book there trip right then. With a simple added line to my voice mail they get prompted to go online and book it right then. I can put all the info they need to know right in front of there eyes. This is great and I will be a customer of Blue Claw for many years to come. As a Professional Guide I highly recommend this service to anyone in the business. Thanks to the BlueClaw Staff. You are great to work with!
Capt. Mark Covington

“BlueClaw has giving me an advantage over other captains by allowing my customers to book online. I had BlueClaw for less then 30 days and I booked several trips online and it makes my website more up to date with the internet, with all the changes going on. The staff at BlueClaw are very helpful with getting me started, I wish I had this 5 years ago! I don’t know how many trips I didn’t book. This product is great and saves me time and money and less paper work at the office; so I can spend more time fishing with my customers while my trips are being booked online.”
Capt. Randy Forman

“The charter fishing booking calendar by BlueClaw has been awesome! The calendar is easy to set up and maintain and books charters for you 24/7. BlueClaw’s staff did a great job answering any questions and concerns this fisherman had, and it was smooth sailing all the way! We installed the calendar on my website and it was up and working, and booking us charters in no time. Security for you and your clients financial transactions is state of the art with CYBERSOURCE, so you can rest easy. We have been waiting for a program like this to be developed for the charter fishing industry and this fills the bill for us. I would recommend it very highly to all.”
Capt. Peter Hoogs

“Thank you for all of your help setting up my calendar system. I look forward to using the system and to have everything organized this coming year. I am very impressed by the fact that every type of chartering concern has been thought of in the creation of the booking system. In the next 5 years I see this system being used by most cutting edge charter captains. I can’t wait to see what new additions you come up with next! Thanks again.”
Capt. John Staab

“Finally an online company owned and operated by fishermen with products and services dedicated to charter and tour industry. The attention to detail is awesome and the service is first rate! Booking charters online has never been easier or more cost effective. In addition to using their reservation software, I had the team at BlueClaw build and optimized my website. Now I have an attractive website that is at the top of the search engines. My business have increased tremendously.”
Capt. Jesse Lovett

“BlueClaw has turned my website around completely. Their booking calendar is the best reservation software on the market. It is easy to install and maintains your schedule. With this service you will never miss another client again! There is not an easier way for a client to book a trip.”
Capt. Wayne Johnson

“Since using the BlueClaw reservation software, I have seen a noticeable increase in bookings.I always ask my clients how they found me and why they chose me. Easily, 50% of my clients, since using BlueClaw’s booking calendar, have said that they picked me because of the ease of booking a trip on my website. I’d like to go on record as saying that there is no better investment a charter captain can make than to have BlueClaw’s booking software on their website.”
Capt. Clay Eavenson

“As a charter boat captain one of the biggest hassle is having 3 4 or 5 phone conversations with a customer because he always needs to get back to his friends or family to verify dates with them and my open fishing dates with BlueClaw this problem has disappeared.”

Capt. Kevin Brown
“This is a hundred and 80 degree turnaround for my website, 19 years in the charter boating business and juggling my schedule to be back at the office at a decent time to return calls to my customers, for up coming reservations, With Blueclaw working 24/7, I know I’ll never mess another call my customers will have a chance to choose the charter boat of their choice, pick the date available with the calendar, not only for the year that we are in but a couple down the road.”

Capt. Thomas Bray
The Blue Claw Solutions is exactly that a “solution”. I reviewed several companies for a redesign of my web site and Blue Claw was the only one that could meet or exceed my expectations. The Blue Claw support has been great. Most of all, no more phone tag, means more trips booked.

Capt. Keith Green
” This reservation software has greatly increased the number of bookings. By leaving a message on the phone directing people to the site to see what’s available and allowing them to book their trip has been a blessing.”

Capt. George Clark Jr.
“Blueclaw has made a big difference to my site. Allowing my customer the ease of booking trips, will increase bookings. I will never miss a booking again.”

Capt. Rob Savino
“Thanks BlueClaw, by signing up to your complete package, my conversions rates and traffic to my site have gone up through the roof! ”

Capt. Mike Angell