Web Hosting

If you are looking for a responsive, exceedingly reliable website hosting service for your business or company website, you need to look into the hosting provided by BlueClaw. Here, we understand that your website’s visibility and availability is essential to keeping your customers and clients, in addition to site visitors, content. You need a website hosting service that has an unparalleled uptime, and that is exactly what we offer.

What is Website Hosting?

The most basic explanation of website hosting services is that it is the home of the data – the code – that makes your website visible to the internet. It’s the code that the server hosts that allows a site visitor to browse your site, view all of your site pages, and perform interactions, such as submitting a form or making a purchase.

It might be easier to think of the server as being like a physical building and your website being your storefront: the server is the building where your online store is located. And your store needs to be open seven days a week, 24-hours a day; that’s why it is important to have your website hosted on servers that have the highest rate of uptime. Quite simply, you cannot afford to be losing customers and clients because they are unable to access your website due to a server being down.

Website Hosting Services

Here at BlueClaw, we have an astounding uptime of greater than 99.9%; that means your website – your company – is available virtually all of the time. And that means you can be making sales, expanding your brand, hearing from those interested in your services or products, and receiving orders from customers around the clock.
We offer dedicated, managed servers – both Windows- and Unix-based – as well as the latest, cutting-edge cloud servers to our clients. Which type of server you select for your website hosting needs will depend on different factors; our hosting experts are available, now, to answer all of your questions about website hosting, discuss your site hosting options, and provide no-obligation, free quotes on our hosting services.

You shouldn’t – you can’t – trust your website hosting services to some fly-by-night company proclaiming to offer hosting; rather, you need a reliable, responsive, established hosting company. Please contact BlueClaw for more information about our website hosting services.