Marketing Through Social Media Optimization

Today it seems as though everyone is using social media programs, such as Facebook and Twitter, to keep in touch with family and friends and to meet new people. But did you know that many companies are now taking advantage of such an open marketing opportunity – most often called Social Media Optimization or SMO – to network, develop their brand, and interact with current and potential clients?

Why Hire Us for Your SMO Marketing Campaign?

The idea of social media optimization may seem overwhelming: after all, what business owner has the time to craft tweets or interact with people on Facebook? As a business owner, your time needs to be spent working for your clients. It’s our job, here at BlueClaw, to develop and manage your SMO practices. We take care of researching topics, incorporating your website and company’s keywords and key phrases, and regularly posting updates to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Additionally, we handle all of the interaction with those people who “Like” your company’s profile on Facebook or who subscribe to your business’ Twitter feed. We carefully monitor all relevant posts, reply to those that need responses, and cull negative postings.

You don’t need to be a social media guru in order to incorporate SMO into your overall website and company promotional practice: we’re the experts in the field and we will put our experienced SMO practitioners to work on your social media campaigns.

SMO and Branding

As a company owner, you know the importance of branding – it’s an essential part of building your client base – and a strategic, well-crafted SMO campaign will get your company’s name and brand in front of potentially thousands of eyes. Those eyes? They belong to current and potential customers: just the people you need to reach. And because SMO feels personal, those people will feel like they are developing a one-on-one, positive relationship with your brand, which means your company’s name will come to mind when they are seeking the services you provide, and they will see your company in a positive light.

Any social media campaign needs to be carefully managed: you don’t want to overwhelm your followers with too much information, and you do not want to be posting or tweeting just for the sake of getting your name out there. Rather, loyalty is built through crafting relevant posts, emphasizing your company’s particular strengths and offerings. And that is exactly what we do: we create specialized text – for your Facebook profile and for your Twitter account – that gets your company’s name out there and in front of a wide audience.

Social media is built on the idea of networking and developing contacts through followers and people who “Like” your company. While your accounts will likely initially have just a few followers, over time increasing numbers of people will see their friends responding to your Facebook posts or “re-tweeting” some of your Twitter entries and will want to follow you as well. They will learn that your posts and tweets are worth their time to read, as you offer valuable insights, special pricing, and other opportunities.

Contact Us for Strategic SMO Plans

Let our experienced staff take care of your social media presence: we’re experts when it comes to the opportunities offered by SMO and will get your company’s brand out and in front of many potential customers. Please call us, today, for more information, including quotes on our services and answers to how a strategic SMO plan can help your business grow.